Our Values

Excellence / Integrity / Trust / Passion / Empathy

Sandra M

Excel Therapy is the example by which all other physical therapies should strive to be. There are not enough words to describe how incredible they are, on all levels. They make you feel like you're visiting family who happen to be physical therapists. They are prepared for me when I come in -never have to wait- and they have every kind of equipment, tool/accessory to work  with. They encourage me along and are genuinely proud of my successes. This is the only physical therapy place on the panhandle where anyone requiring physical therapy should go.

LIsa C

Let me tell you, no matter how bad my day is going, I always end up in a good mood on my Physical Therapy days. Excel Therapy has some of the nicest people. Sometimes I laugh and smile more in that 1 hour than all day. Brian, Adam, Maggie, Jeff, Kristie, and Dennis feel like family (even as they "Bring on the pain")

Russ T

Pretty amazing to be in pain, yet have the staff at Excel Therapy still be able to put a smile on your face! Extremely knowledgeable and professional and I always trust them to get me feeling better.

Sara Spaulding

I had shoulder reversal and was told I would have limited ROM. Well, boy was the doctor surprised after my therapy when I showed him how wonderful I had done after Excel Therapy and Brian got through with me! These men and women are awesome at their jobs!!! 

Thomas Sims

“Bryan and his staff were great! He explains everything in a professional manner while still keeping the information on a level the patient can understand. Always helpful, and is good about getting feedback from the patient so he can personalize the treatment. Can't say enough about this great team. I highly recommend this facility!”


"This is the best place to go for therapy. The staff is super nice and very knowledgeable. My   son was injured wrestling, and Excel worked their magic to get him back and running his moves again. The staff even came to one of his matches. Now that says something when they take the time to show there support away from the office!"

Elaine Roberts

“Excel has somehow found the perfect therapy program that just flows from one therapist to another. Other therapy programs should come and learn from them.”